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"Paperman Perseverance"

It's ironic, when you're at a 'young' point of your life - so many questions, too many stories, how do we decide what to relate to? Being told that, you're in your 20's! So you must live life to the fullest. And what that's supposed to mean is: You must meet as many people as you can, but build trust for true friendships that last a lifetime. You must not get into a serious relationship or it will bog you down. You must chase your dream (that you apparently have a clear picture of) so that you can work for a job you love, not just for money.  How many more things must we do that sound so inspiring but in reality is so hard to balance?

I guess since we're supposedly the most healthy and energetic at this age, we should do as much as we can huh. But what if you did do that and you work on yourself, yes. But there are always so many people around you that seem to have so many more chances - at work, at love... then the grass seems greener on the other side? Which is why the media is such a huge influence on us all, especially at this age. We can almost touch and feel other peoples' experiences from YouTube and soon Google Glass. Nah. I believe the grass is greener where you water it. Your chances come from where you choose to put your hard work into. No one is a superhero, it's impossible (and upsetting) to have it all. 

It's actually easier, imo, to focus your hardwork on what you believe in. Your core values. Then, things would fall into place when you wouldn't expect it. How does this even relate to my blogpost title. I was inspired to do a nail design by Disney's Paperman, a short film (view here) illustrating a dull man's life before he saw an attractive girl and nature helped him chase her. He folded paper airplanes over and over to chase the girl, because he was so fed up by his job. It reminded me of the many paths and crossroads in life, where you're given a chance with a person and you have to decide whether or not to take it.

Here are my designed nails before top coat. I used: Joe - Cloud and Joe - Cement for the base.
The lip stain and heart were whisked with watercolour, while the paper airplane + trail was done using nubar nail art pens.

Paperman reminded me that happiness comes from perseverance. You will never be satisfied if you compare your lives with others, because you did not put in the same effort they did in that certain specific aspect of life. At the same time, they have different sliding doors they decided to open, different choices they had to face, given different circumstances. There's nothing wrong with loving first before living, or living first before loving. In fact, we should live while loving, for one teaches how to cherish the other. Loving can mean a girlfriend or boyfriend, but also family or friendship. Boundaries set on how or when you should love limit and discourage the young. Yes, this can be a naiive way of thinking; but it is equally as naiive as chasing a dream you don't know how long you will believe in. You meet everyone for a reason, not because you want to (as you might have experienced) but perhaps you need to - "to help you, to hurt you, to leave you, to love you".

Here are some collages of the finished design. It reminds me that there is more than one path for a reason. Even if you miss a path on the way alone, there is bound to be another around the corner, to take together.

A risk will always be a risk; but I met him to realize I needed him. 
And if I am to see the world, it would be a greater happiness to grow in and share it with him.
Chase your values, and they will lead you to your wildest dreams.


  1. More food for thought, a continuation and better iteration of what I wanted to express..

    From a friend ready to take on the next chapter:


  2. What attracted me to your blog was the quote from Einstein:
    "Creativity is contagious, pass it on." -Einstein

    I like the way you write and also nice nails you've got there, btw!


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